We Needed a Cool New Domain Name for Our Email

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You’re pretty cool for checking this site out. At the Squirrly Company we create tools that help you become a better marketer.

We’ve recently taken on the amazing quest of creating a Digital Assistant for Marketing; a smart piece of technology that will make sense of your data for you and show you how to improve your marketing.

Okay, so that sounds good. The thing is: we already have many products and we provide lots of educational content to make sure that we help people get off on the right foot with everything we create.

Starbox – the Author Box for Humans, ContentLook, Squirrly SEO, SERP Checker, NoMore.cards, Website Analysis Plugin are software products from our family.

Squirrly.net is a server we use for some of the emails we send out to amazing people who use some of these products.

I hope this makes a bit of sense and you can see why we’ve created this website for the Squirrly Company.

In the future, we might use this site as well.. depending on how things keep developing.

Best regards,

Florin Muresan
CEO of the Squirrly Company

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