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We’re 100% squirrly about the way our technology makes business owners feel like they’ve added a whole new team of experts that works around the clock for them. It’s why over 7,479 business organizations around the world choose to pay recurring subscriptions for Squirrly products.



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Squirrly SEO (Smart Strategy)

Upgrade your WordPress with Excellent SEO. Guided by the A.I.-based Private SEO Consultant. All SEO Tools Included for Free.

Starbox PRO

Starbox PRO: One of the most popular Author Box Plugins on WordPress. Beautifully-designed. Easy to use. 

Website Analysis Plugin

Website Analysis Plugin – Helps you see if you have a chance of ranking high on search engines and within the preferences of your audience.

Once you start getting those numbers right, you’ll keep ranking.

Premium SEO Pack

Increase the SEO value of all your pages with this WordPress plugin. Get full control of how your pages look like on search engine results and social media feeds. 

WooCommerce SEO

WooCommerce SEO Plugin: Quick SEO Plugin.


SEO App by Squirrly SEO

SEO App by Squirrly SEO. Optimize your product pages & increase SEO Traffic

Marketing Audit by ContentLook

Analyze Traffic. Increase Sales. Reporting and Analytics.

Universal Platforms

Squirrly Social

Squirrly Social: One Year of Social Media Posts in a Flash.

Squirrly SPY

Uncover Your Competitor’s SEO Strategies.


Used by Companies and brands like the BBC, TOP Gear, Microsoft, and SeedCamp, ContentLook offers you meaningful insights for a better content strategy.

Education Cloud PLUS

It’s like Netflix for Marketing Education.

139,000 people already became better marketers with these lessons.

Learning Solutions

Innovate your training operations and effectively teach others using your very own learning management system. BIG Enterprises with over 1,500 employees each have already used our Learning Solutions by Squirrly product. 


Content Marketing Game

Play the game, keep ranking your startup company by gathering resources, and win amazing prizes from Squirrly. Have fun! 

Halloween Game

A popular text-based game with many years of history. Rand Fishkin, Matt Cuts, and other personalities can be spotted in the game. Play the game to find your inner Squirrly monster for a chance to unlock exciting rewards. 


Special plans from Squirrly 

Squirrly Digital:

One License. 5 Best-Selling Squirrly Products. Automate the way you do SEO, social media, competitive research, personal branding, and more with top marketing software from Squirrly. One license that unlocks it all.